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JMS/CMS Meter Readers (Pty) Ltd changed their names to Motla Utilities (Pty) Ltd and Motla Utilities Cape (Pty) Ltd respectively from 1 March 2012. The name change is a reflection of the expanded range of services we offer.

For more than 50 years, JMS built a reputation as the foremost meter reading service company in South Africa, known for its business ethic. The company provided the best service at reasonable fees, becoming a national meter reading company, reading meters throughout the country for all the major property owners, administration agents,developers, trusts and funds.

With added input from the Motla Group, clients are now able to access a full range of services from Standard Meter Reading to a complete Utility Management Service as well as comprehensive technical advice.

The new Motla Utilities will be a one-stop shop that can be tailored and refined to suit the needs of our clients. This is performed from our offices in Randburg and Cape Town.

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